AllMed Earns HITRUST IT Security Certification

AllMed Healthcare Management becomes one of few independent review organizations in the country to earn the coveted HITRUST certification. In today’s ever-changing environment of healthcare, the HITRUST Certification is the gold standard for information security compliance. The healthcare industry is under constant pressure to keep up with continually evolving security requirements to protect patient records as required by HIPAA. Organizations that are certified by HITRUST save their clients the time and expense of audit requests and internal assessments.

The HITRUST Certification was created on the belief that information protection should be a core pillar of, rather than an obstacle to, the broad adoption of health information systems and exchanges.  Achievement of the certification is instrumental in safeguarding personal health information (PHI) and managing information risk while ensuring consumer confidence in the organizations that create, store or exchange that information.

Increasingly a requirement by enterprise healthcare companies to operate in the healthcare space, HITRUST enables organizations to demonstrate a security framework that incorporates a variety of standards and regulatory requirements. It also offers a recognized, objective benchmark from which organizations can manage and measure compliance and security measures.

As technology plays an ever-increasing role in healthcare, secure data transmission and storage becomes exponentially more critical and complex. This is complicated by the myriad of requirements from government as well as third party organizations – and increases data vulnerability to attacks. Ensuring adequate data security is now a critical requirement for all covered entities and their clients.

This certification demonstrates AllMed’s commitment to meeting and exceeding client expectations of data security, while ensuring adherence to regulations, such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) and state laws. AllMed is among a select group of organizations worldwide committed to high standards in privacy and security that have achieved the distinction of the certification. 

HITRUST also provides AllMed a robust platform that tracks, updates, interprets, and consolidates federal and state regulations, industry standards and best practices, and trends in risk management, ensuring the company the most current and effective information security practices in the industry.

The achievement, as well the maintaining, of the coveted HITRUST Certification speaks volumes to the AllMed staff’s professionalism, and their focus on maintaining effective data security for its clients. This certification is a key differentiator from many IRO’s in the industry. Its status as one of the few IROs to earn the HITRUST certification means there is now another reason for payers and providers to partner with AllMed as a leader in the healthcare market, and feel secure knowing that their data is protected according to the highest industry standards.