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improve physician performance and reduce risks with MedEval

MedEval® is AllMed’s in-depth external peer review solution that helps hospitals and ASCs perform focused reviews on individual physicians or practice groups, and gain a comprehensive perspective on their performance. MedEval can be used for an individual case or group of cases.

Common uses of MedEval include:

  • Following up on concerns identified on cases reviewed through MedScore(SM)
  • Performing in-depth follow-up on sentinel events or other issues of concern
  • Credentialing of new practitioners
  • Re-credentialing of existing medical staff
  • Adding new privileges
  • As an effective substitute for proctoring

Many hospitals and ASCs struggle with the above peer review functions, due to staffing constraints, the lack of specialty expertise, conflict of interest, and organizational sensitivities. MedEval provides an effective remedy to these challenges, and allows your organization to improve physician performance through a consistent, evidence-based review process that is educational and non-punitive.

For each MedEval case review, we select from our panel of over 400 board-certified specialists, who are all licensed, board-certified and in active practice.

The MedEval Hospital Peer Review Report includes the following narrative:

  • Materials reviewed
  • Summary of clinical course
  • An analysis of the practitioner’s performance
  • A list of recommended remedial actions if appropriate
  • A rationale for the determination
  • Clinical references
  • The Peer Specialty Reviewer's profile

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