Increase Transparency & Accountability with External Peer Review

Peer review processes at hospitals and ASCs face numerous challenges in today’s regulatory environment. Conflicts-of-interest resulting from social and professional relationships among medical staff can result in bias and increased liability.

Voluntary peer review committees can compromise timely completion and follow-up on identified physician performance issues. Lack of available specialty expertise, particularly in smaller facilities with more limited staff, can negatively impact the quality of review determinations.

AllMed’s External Peer Review Service solves these problems and is a core component to increase the success of a hospital’s Quality and Risk Management program, helping facilities reduce their professional liability costs by:

  • Identifying physician performance issues that negatively impact their facility’s reputation and their bottom line
  • Proactively measuring and monitoring high-risk specialties
  • Providing in-depth evaluation of individual practitioners and departments
  • Receiving reviews of consistent high-quality with none of the quality variations common in internal peer review processes
  • Decreasing turnaround time
  • Having a wider pool of specialties for review

Small hospital’s, even those on a tight budget, benefit from AllMed’s External Peer Review Service by:

  • Removing the bias resulting from personal and professional relationships from the review process
  • Catching physician performance issues early to improve patient safety and decrease liability

All cases are reviewed by AllMed’s panel of over 350 Peer Review Specialists who are licensed, board-certified, and in active practice. We cover nearly all ABMS specialties and sub-specialties and provide routine case reviews as well as fair hearing and litigation support. Our in-house Medical Directors provide free advice and consultation to  help you handle sensitive physician performance issues.

AllMed’s External Peer Review Service can help eliminate conflicts-of-interest, decrease turn-around time, and provide you with specialty knowledge when you need it.  Download our brochure.