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AllMed's white papers serve as companions to our clinical webinars that are designed to help our clients stay abreast of emerging clinical procedures and therapies to support improved clinical decision making.


White papers:

A Partner You Can Trust for Defensible Medicare Part D Determinations

Medicare Part D appeals constitute a significant role within your PDP/MAPD business with effects on your plan’s star ratings and your organization’s ongoing success. Partnering with AllMed gives you reassurance in preserving your star rating to boost both your membership and revenue. At AllMed, we partner with you to provide evidence-based, defensible determinations for Medicare Part D appeals all within a turnaround time you can depend on to meet CMS guidelines.

How IROs Help Payers Optimize The Medical Director's Role

In today's ever-changing healthcare landscape, the role of Medical Director at health plans, third-party administrators (TPAs), and medical management organizations is expanding at a rapid pace. As the scope and complexity of their jobs continues to evolve, payers of all types are increasingly partnering with independent review organizations (IROs) to perform medical review at all stages of the care management continuum, including pre-authorizations, internal appeals, provider quality reviews, and others.

The Business Case for Outsourcing First-Level Physician Review

Competitive and cost pressures are driving healthcare payers and medical managers to re-examine their core business processes and determine how to best focus their organizational resources on core strategic functions and competencies. While first-level physician review is a critical function in healthcare payer organizations, it can easily be outsourced at low cost, while ensuring high quality and compliance.

When is Pediatric Behavioral Development Medically Necessary?

Learn more about pediatric developmental behavioral health services and the latest approaches to evaluating and treating speech disorders and sensory integration disorders.