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Over 350 actively practicing, board-certified physicians, with expertise in a wide range of specialties, make up our reviewer panel—and the list is continually growing. This means that, as your needs change, or as trends change, we can provide quick access to the specialized knowledge that you need.

Performance Management

Our multi-step peer performance management system is designed for consistent, efficient, accurate application of standards and timeliness on every review. It starts with our in-house recruiting team proactively seeking top physicians and then interviewing prospective candidates carefully to be sure that they will be a good fit. We credential all physician reviewers in house and rigorously test them before adding them to our panel.

Ongoing Training

Once a physician joins AllMed, they receive ongoing training from our Medical Directors team to ensure that their expertise is applied correctly, both within the standard of care and relevant policy. We provide real-time feedback and conduct regular audits and inter-rater reliability testing, resulting in consistent, accurate determinations, delivered promptly to meet your quality and turnaround time requirements.

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Peer Review with AllMed

Our commitment to the highest quality standards is rooted in our ability to engage excellent people. If you are interested in joining our talented and diverse physician team, please contact us.

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