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We partner with the most qualified physicians, in all major specialties, ensuring you get the highest level of expertise today and the latest knowledge as it becomes available. All our physicians are board-certified and remain in active practice.


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AllMed’s panel of nurse and physician reviewers provide clinical expertise to cover more than 120 different specialties and subspecialties. Applying their expertise and in-depth knowledge at the beginning of the UM process fosters accurate medically necessary approval or denial—reducing the potential need for costly appeals or additional treatments if medical care is delayed.

Our UM services for prospective, concurrent, and retrospective prior authorization and appeals span initial clinical review, physician review, peer-to-peer communication, and determination notification letters— from the most straightforward prior authorization to the most complex appeal.

We know how important turnaround time (TAT), quality, and customer service are to you, and we make them a priority. Over 98 percent of our cases are reviewed and completed before our contractual times, helping you increase responsiveness and decrease overall costs. And all our UM solutions, including prior authorization reviews, are designed to facilitate integration with your clinical operations workflow through AllMed’s PeerPoint® advanced medical review portal.

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