AllMed Healthcare Management

Physician Performance Excellence

At AllMed, we hire the best doctors and manage their performance to provide the highest quality determinations and advice.


Our Guarantees:

  • Fully accredited and rigorously tested Peer Specialty Reviewers
  • Ongoing Reviewer training with expert feedback from our Medical Directors and Quality Manager to ensure standard of care and relevant policy
  • Reviewer audits performed by our Medical Directors for consistency, application of standards, thoroughness, and timelines
  • Regular Inter-Rater Reliability testing to ensure Reviewer consistency across our specialty panels

We deliver:

  • 400+ Peer Specialty Reviewers that are experts at evaluating and resolving your most complex cases quickly, cost-effectively and with unsurpassed objectivity.
  • Board-certified, licensed and actively practicing Reviewers representing the best-in-class in their respective medical fields.
  • A Peer Specialty Panel that is continually evolving as medical procedures, therapies and technologies change.
  • A proactive recruitment process guided by our in-house Medical Directors to ensure the highest level of consistency and quality in our services.

Our recruiting and credentialing program provides quick access to top physician professionals in all areas of medicine. If you need a specialty or subspecialty not listed here, please contact us