The Brain Zine – Reimagining The Brain and Mental Health

Reimagining the Brain and Mental Health

Now, more than ever, an understanding of our brain—including its responsibilities and its vast potential in our lives—is paramount to understanding how our bodies work, and how we convey and navigate our emotions.

AllMed Healthcare Management, Inc. has partnered with award-winning author, artist, Harvard-trained educator, and mental health advocate John Schlimm on his new global public art project titled The Brain Zine: How Often Do You Think About Your Brain?

With an introduction by AllMed Behavioral Health Medical Director Micah T Hoffman, MD, DABPN, FAPA, QME, The Brain Zine provides many creative entry points for people of all ages to visually begin thinking and talking about their brain, their feelings, and their personal journeys.

Through creative imagery, The Brain Zine simplifies a complicated and often challenging topic, creating a fresh launching point for discussions about the brain, its functions and mental health.

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