MedReview Independent Medical Review

For High-Quality Defensible Medical Necessity Determinations

MedReview Independent Medical Review is AllMed’s solution for health plans and managed care organizations that provides evidence-based determinations by applying your medical policy, plan language and published clinical criteria.

All cases are reviewed by AllMed’s panel of over 350 Peer Specialists who are licensed, board-certified and in active practice. We cover all major ABMS specialties and sub-specialties and provide comprehensive coverage of in-state licensure requirements.  Our in-house Medical Directors, staff physicians and clinicians provide clinical quality oversight on all reviews, ensuring consistent application of standards and your requirements to each case.

Each MedReview Report includes the following standard elements:

  • Materials Reviewed
  • Summary of Clinical Course
  • Response to Referral Questions (Determination)
  • Rationale
  • References

MedReview can be flexibly used for a variety of needs including specialty-matched, pre-authorizations, appeals, length of stay, provider quality of care, disability, and fraud reviews.

MedReview is deployed through Client Portal, our advanced online medical review portal, which allows you to send, track and receive cases electronically while meeting the highest information security standards.

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