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Nurse Reviews: Efficiencies for Prior Authorizations and Concurrent Reviews

A thought-leadership discussion about optimizing your nursing staff for prior authorizations in utilization management (UM) and ensuring you clinical staff is performing the highest value work at the top of their licenses.

In this webinar, you’ll learn about meeting UM accreditation requirements and best practices for cost effective and efficient workflows. The right decision at the right time can expedite patient care, improve patient safety and lower overall utilization management (UM) costs. The panel will discuss the differences of using in-house plan policies and commercially available policies, as well as guidance on applying disparate criteria across policies when reviewing cases. You’ll also hear how on-demand nurse reviews solutions work as an extension of your team to meet your need to scale quickly and efficiently when utilization reviews or RN staffing levels fluctuate. The dedicated AllMed cohort of US-licensed registered nurses has over 250 year combined nursing experience  and more than 125 years in direct UM support.


  • Meaghan Klassen, MBA, MSN, RN, CMCN, Clinical Quality & Training Manager at AllMed
  • Chrissy Simpson, PEMC, LSSBB, Peer Panel Program Manager for AllMed


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