A team of registered nurses

Specialty-Matched Prior Authorizations: Delivering the Right Decision from the Right Specialist, Faster

A thought-leadership discussion about the importance and value of receiving specialty-matched prior authorization decisions, that align with the latest evidence-based standards of care, early in the patient care process.

Featuring AllMed Executive Leadership:

  • Kathryn Kolonic, DO, MPH, CPHQ – Vice President & Medical Director
  • Jeff Card – Vice President, Clinical Operations

In this webinar, you’ll learn how the right decision from the right specialist can expedite patient care, improve patient safety and lower overall utilization management (UM) costs. The panel will discuss the benefits of bringing physician specialists in at the onset of a case for prior authorizations to align patient care and avoid the additional expense of appealing cases. You’ll hear about the specialties where specialty-matched prior authorizations are already making a positive impact and additional case types that would benefit from having a specialist perform a more precise initial authorization review.