Top Utilization Review Challenges — An Expert Webinar

An Expert Discussion on the Top Utilization Review Challenges

AllMed recently hosted a 30-minute interactive webinar on the top utilization review challenges facing payer organizations today. Dr. David Spiro, AllMed VP and Medical Director, moderated this interactive conversation with Dr. McKay Crowley, Senior Medical Director at Southwestern Health Resources and Teri Radogna-Linquist, Director of Clinical Operations at AllMed.

The panel explored the top challenges and solutions for scaling to meet the fluctuating demand for utilization reviews and RN staffing.

Some of the challenges discussed included:

  • Pressure to meet turnaround times when case volumes surge
  • Mismatch between skills needed and available staff
  • Higher cost of recruiting, training, retaining, and managing staff
  • Cost reductions as part of strategic initiatives


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Webinar Panel


Dr. David Spiro, AllMed VP and Medical Director
Dr. David Spiro
VP and Medical Director

Dr. McKay Crowley, Southwest Health Resources
Dr. McKay Crowley
Senior Medical Director
Southwest Health Resources

Teri Radogna-Linquist
Director, Clinical Ops