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Women’s Mental Health and the Impact of Access to Medical Care

A thought-leadership discussion about the current state of women’s mental health in the United States and the societal issues impacting women’s wellbeing. Renowned psychiatrist, Micah Hoffman, MD, DABPN, FAPA, and Vice President and Medical Director will lead this discussion with two exceptional psychiatric specialists on women’s mental health.


  • Madeleine Becker, MD, MA, FACLP, FAIHM – Psychiatrist, Director, Graduate Medical Education. Dept of Integrative Medicine, Thomas Jefferson University, Committee Member, Women’s Mental Health Committee, American Psychiatric Association
  • Kirsten Thompson, MD – Psychiatrist, Founder/CEO, Remedy Psychiatry, Health Sciences Clinical Instructor, UCLA

In this webinar you’ll learn about the breadth of issues surrounding women’s mental health today and the unique treatment considerations in achieving optimal outcomes. The panel will also explore the nuances of postpartum health on women’s mental health and the impacts of restricted medical and reproductive care.

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